Camilla Moberg

Camilla Moberg is an hairstylist and makeup artist. Camilla started her career in Stockholm 2003 and since then been a regularly booked freelance by numbers of Swedens top celebs, great photographers and commercial makers.

In June 2013, she moved to her love in Tibro and continue freelancing with the company from there.

She puts all her energy in every client and leaves no one unhappy. The products she use’s are definitely top brands in cosmetics, skin care and haircare.

Camilla loves the variation in her work that contains everything from facepaintings, magazine covers to weddings.
”That makes my creativity running. I am humbled and grateful for every assignment I get. My key is the attitude towards all clients: No customer is too small or too big”

Request for quote sent to:
(+46) 705260291